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本計劃的活動是在2023年1月至4月期間,在每個月的其中一或兩個星期六舉行,並在 2023 年7月舉行畢業典禮作結。在本計劃的六次活動日當中,透過一連串的活動如遊戲、講座、討論、實地考察等,讓參加者親身感受香港豐富的生態環境和生物多樣性,繼而明白現今環境保育所面對的困難和威脅,與及探討香港生態保育管理現在和未來的遠景和路向。另外,各隊伍亦需設計一份保育計劃,在校園中實踐所學。


The programme is held over for one or two Saturdays per month, from January to April 2023 and ended by Graduation Ceremony in July 2023. Throughout the 6 activity days of games, talks, discussions and field trips, participants will be exposed to the vivacity of local biodiversity, in order to understand the direness of the existing threats to our biodiversity and the implications of these threats, as well as to investigate the present and future of Hong Kong's biodiversity management. More than that, each team will need to design and implement an action plan in their school. 



  • 遊戲與互動學習

  • 評估現在的知識和概念


  • 講座與討論

  • 提升和到達一個共同的知識層面

Our programme design based on the following 5 principles


  • Interactive activities & peer discussions

  • Evaluation of existing environmental policies and concepts

Intellectual Exchange

  • Seminars and classroom Discussions

  • Idea exchange between groupmates, tutors and guests


  • 角色扮演與實地考察

  • 多角度思考和分析各項議題

Experiential Learning

  • Field trips, field work & role play

  • Understand issues from broader perspective


  • 設計和推行一個保育計劃

  • 活動日後的小任務

Real World Application


  • 獎品和獎項作嘉許


Recognition of Achievement

  • Prize and award as encouragement


活動日主題 Themes of Activity Days

1 Day 1 28/01/2023
認識香生態 Hong Kong Biodiversity

考察地點 — 香港大學及龍虎山郊野公園

2 Day 2 11/02/2023
 Terrestrial wildlife and Illegal wildlife trade

考察地點 — 嘉道理農場

3天 Day 3 25/02/2023
城市發展 Conservation vs Development

考察地點 — 塱原

4 Day 4 11/03/2023
潮閒帶的保育與威脅 Threat to Intertidal Habitats

考察地點 — 水口

5 Day 5 26/03/2023
活動中期報告 Mid-term presentation

6 Day 6 15/04/2023
森林樹隊 Tree Avengers

考察地點 — 長春社植林區

畢業禮 Graduation 09/07/2023
分享活動經驗和成果 Sharing Learning Outcomes

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